PPC Management: Rock Solid Facts on Why You Need It

Pay Per Click (PPC) Management is one of the most important online marketing strategies. Read on for our brief guide that explains what PPC management is and why your business needs it.

ppc management

What Is PPC Management?

PPC management is the management of a company’s PPC advertisement strategy and budget. Some of the tasks involved in PPC Management are keyword research, selection of marketing channels, results monitoring, competition analysis, campaign optimization and split testing. Many companies don’t have inhouse online marketers, so they outsource this function to external agencies.

PPC and SEO are different. SEO optimization brings in free traffic to your website by making your webpages feature on the first page of search results. PPC, on the other hand, brings in paid traffic because you pay for every click on your advertisement. With PPC if you want your adverts to feature on the first page of search engine results you are required to pay more. But for SEO, to appear on the first page you must produce better content.

How To Succeed At PPC Management

PPC management will help your company to grow. Especially if it is a startup. For your PPC campaign to be successful you should focus on the below four areas:

First, you must know what your current sales metrics are and what your goals for the PPC campaign are. Possible goals could be to increase your number of purchases or leads or even to increase your brand awareness. If you know how much revenue you want to generate then you can reverse engineer your campaign according to the number of clicks that will be required.

Secondly, start with a trial advertisement and monitor its performance before making a significant investment. Your trial ad will show you what needs to be tweaked. For example, your landing page may be having a high bounce off rate which needs to be corrected before investing in more PPC adverts.

You should also be ready to invest in your marketing campaigns. Traditionally companies set aside 10% of their expected revenues for marketing so this could be a start for you. Part of that should be allocated to PPC management and hiring an agent in case you don’t have an inhouse expert.

Finally, you should monitor your PPC ad performance and continue optimizing for better performance. Split testing can be used to find the best performing keyword and ad designs.

Why Do Businesses Need PPC Management?

Modern businesses cannot survive without an online presence. Most people start their search for goods and services online. Once they find what they are looking for, almost 50% of people visit the physical store within a day of finding them on an online search. It is therefore important to feature on the first page of google searches for your products or services. You can do this either by SEO or PPC management.

Paracore Management states that Google Ads has been proven to be one of the best ways to get online customers with a positive return on investment. Clients that click on an advert are already looking for your product. A compelling PPC ad combined with a quality landing page will convince leads that you are the best person to buy from.

Key Takeaway

PPC management is an important marketing function that helps companies get business from online users. In case you don’t have an in house PPC expert it is advisable to hire one to set up your initial campaigns. For more information on setting up your startup or investing in startup businesses read the rest of our blog.